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Bob Hafnar

If you plan on going back to Atlantic City be sure to check www.acgolfvacations.com as they offer the lowest guaranteed rates for an AC Golf Trip. They are owned by the golf courses which gives them the lowest rates and they can work with all of the casinos and hotels. Hope this helps.

The Golf Nomad

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I'll be sure to look into this option when I book in AC again. Hopefully the readers will check it out if they're traveling to AC too.

Thank You for reading and contributing!

Wayne Gretzky

I recently used golfzoo.com and so far, it has been a disappointment. My trip isn't until June, but I have been told by the agent that two houses were booked after he told me we had it reserved. He is trying to get me in another unit, but I won't feel totally comfortable until we are actually in a place. I wouldn't go with this site again.

WAM Golf

Sorry to hear that Wayne. I've used them once before and everything went smoothly for me. If you're already set on a location you can try a specific site. For example, Atlantic City has Golfac.com or in Ocean City, MD you have pamsgolfoc.com.

If you send me an e-mail I'd be happy to discuss other ideas with you. Good luck booking your trip!


Wamgolf, me and a bunch of buddies are looking to plan a golf trip in February. I am thinking Orlando because we are sure it will be warm there, but there are so many courses down there, it is confusing which one to pick. We would definitely want to stay in a house or a villa, and go from Thursday to Sunday. Also, we like to hit the sauce, so want to be around a place where there is stuff to do. Basically, I am asking you to book this trip for us. Haha. Only kidding, but please help.

WAM Golf

Thanks for the comment Mike! I would love to plan your golf trip for you. haha. Actually, I'm more than happy to offer some suggestions. Orlando is a great golf town and there are a few other options we can discuss.

I'm planning my winter trip too and will send you an e-mail to discuss.

Thanks for reading!

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