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Excellent review. I always go for the shoe which catches my eye the most. Sometimes it doesn't work out that it's actually the most comforable. Now that I am trying to walk more courses instead of taking a cart, I'm trying to gear my equipment more towards walking. These shoes look great and if they are as comfortable as you say then they are definitely something I will try out


Thanks! I think these shoes are great and was happy to write about them. Looking forward to sharing more exciting products in the weeks to come!

Taos shoes

Those soles look awesome. I wonder if I can just attach those spikes on my fave Taos shoes, though.



These are by far the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever owned. I bought an all white pair four years ago after a tournament in western mass and have worn them ever since. The spikes tend to last quite a long time which is nice knowing that you don't have to flip spikes in and out all of the time. One problem I did have with the AdiPURE is that when I purchased these, I did not realize they were the tour addition. The spikes in these shoes are unique and have to be the same spike when putting new ones in. Regardless what it says on the back of a box of spikes they will not fit in the tour version. The only way to get spikes into these shoes is too send them back to Adidas and have them do it. That being said, I do think these are truly the best golf shoes on the market even though they are priced extremely high. The quality is there so I would recommend to anyone that is in the market for new golf shoes and isn't afraid to spend the money, these are a must buy.


Thank you for commenting Ian! Just wore these for a few wet rounds on our golf trip and they were great (as usual). Highly recommend for comfort and functionality.

Thank you for the insight on the replacement spikes, good for everyone to know.

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