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Bill C

That was awesome!!! If I ever get to play with you I will be on the look out for sure!


I hope to get as many people with this as possible... it's hilarious! Thanks for commenting Bill, hopefully 999 Places found it as funny as we did! haha

Leaderboard Golf

An excellent prank - need to find where I can get these in the UK!


Hahaha. I'm sure someone over there has them... I'm sure the UK golfers have a few pranks we haven't even seen over here!

Thanks for the comment & reading!


As good as the golf ball exploding was, equally as funny was distracting Uncle Frank long enough to make the switch (which there is video of). The whole thing was hilarious!


I would like to get the entire Uncle video up, it is hilarious in the background but I need to clear it with him first. A true classic and if nothing else our entire group will get to see it!

Thanks for being a good sport about the exploding golf ball after 30 hours of travel to hang out with us! hahaha.


That is too funny! I hope I can get my hands on one (or two, or twenty). It'll definitely wake up any sleep golfer friends I have!

mill pond golf

This is classic! I recall a Tom and Jerry episode in this video.

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